DefProc’s Co-Founder Patrick Fenner will be heading to Amsterdam this month for the annual The Things Conference! This year, Patrick will be presenting a keynote on LoRaWAN’s role in domestic hydrogen deployment. If you’re attending the conference in person, you can catch the keynote on Thursday the 21st of September at 1:40 PM. 

Patrick will dive into our work with Northern Gas Networks to develop a Smart Gas Pressure Sensor. The device will fill the expected need for monitoring supply pressure and low-pressure shut-off status. As the device uses a LoRaWAN connection, it allows for massive deployment and penetration through walls and ground-level areas. Currently, gas networks are preparing to trial hydrogen as a green alternative to natural gas. The keynote will cover how the smart gas pressure sensor will utilise LoRaWAN to maximise the stability of introducing hydrogen to the network, reduce the need for engineer callouts and minimise disruption in properties.

The Things Conference is the world’s largest conference for all things LoRaWAN. The event promotes knowledge sharing through keynotes, interactive workshops and demonstrations to showcase the latest developments in the industry. Whether you’re interested in IoT connectivity, security, hardware, data management, or just eager to discover more about real-world deployments, The Things Conference covers a wide range of topics suitable for everyone. 

Watch Patrick’s The Things Conference keynote from last year

From Sensor to Safety: Using LoRaWAN to Monitor Office Air Quality explores the challenges of creating a LoRaWAN technology stack and the different options available. This keynote addresses the six steps in designing an IoT solution using the example of monitoring CO2 in an office.

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