DefProc is thrilled to announce that we have won the Environmental Award at the LCR Culture & Creativity Awards. The awards recognise the extraordinary contribution of culture and creativity to the Liverpool City Region. This includes the creative use of technology and innovation to develop new ideas and improve existing ways of doing things.

The Environmental Award

The Environmental Award celebrates the impact of culture and creativity on the green agenda, including environmental sustainability and contribution to net-zero targets. Our submission focused on our domestic hydrogen sensor, H2Go. Hydrogen plays a critical role in the UK’s move towards a net-zero future. We have worked with the EIC, Northern Gas Networks and Wales & West Utilities to create a low-cost sensor that will be the manufacturing blueprint for domestic hydrogen sensors. 85% of homes in the UK use natural gas for heating and cooking, accounting for 18% of all carbon emissions. Unlike natural gas, when hydrogen burns as a fuel, the only waste is water vapour. This places hydrogen as the top contender to replace the current energy system as the UK moves towards net zero. However, there must be a way of detecting potential leaks. A sensor inside homes will be crucial for consumer confidence.

As the first region in the country to declare a climate emergency, Liverpool City Region is a hotbed for net-zero innovation, with HyNet North West at the forefront of the green industrial revolution. On a national level, the UK’s first hydrogen village will go live in 2025. Around 2000 homes in Ellesmere Port will be supplied with hydrogen boilers, saving approximately 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per year in the average home. As an SME, we are proud to play a role in the UK’s journey to net zero. Our H2Go device will encourage people to embrace greener fuels in their homes. 

What’s next?

Congratulations to the other winners and finalists, including the other nominees for the Environmental Award, Abyan Faruk and United By Land. We’re proud to share the category with such impactful people and projects. 

DefProc is also a nominee for the Best Innovation & Tech Business at the City of Liverpool Business Awards. Downtown in Business will announce the City of Liverpool Business Awards winners at Sefton Park Palm House on the 6th of July. Until then, you can vote for DefProc here