DefProc Engineering is proud to announce: the world’s smallest, full-size 1% gaming keyboard. With n-key rollover, both RGB surround lighting and fully programmable, 16million colour, per-key backlighting this is the hyper-responsive input device you need for millisecond accurate gaming control. When you need the most precise input to ensure you make that jump, only the best will do.

Available soon:

  • ANSI and ISO layouts with custom language options
  • Available in left or right handed configuration
  • Fully programmable RGB background lighting
  • Fully programmable RGB keycap backlights on *every* key
  • Open source hardware and firmware
  • Hot-swappable mechanical keys, hear you key strikes with clicky, whisper with tactiles or strike cleanly with linear switches.

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Product shot, but with the product redacted Prouct image with arrows and word blasts, but the product is blurred out

DefProc Engineering is a design engineering company based out of Liverpool, UK specialising in proof-of-concept, prototype and small run production. Many of our client projects are under NDA, so an internal project to build a fun and functional device is our way of being able to show the love, attention to detail and all-out engineering that we put into every project we build.