Working at DefProc

Becoming a team member at DefProc means you have an impact on our business and our clients every day. Every person in our team has the opportunity to leave their mark, have their voice heard, and become part of something bigger. We work with a wide range of clients, ranging from the Environment Agency to the Science and Media Museum Group. This gives the opportunity for us to really expand our knowledge and use our imagination.

The people we love to work with

We love collaborating with passionate, purpose-driven people. If you’ve got a cause you care about, a project you really want to work on, and a different approach; we want you on board. We love to make sure that our creative team has time to work on what interests them and incorporate that into their work day. This keeps us all learning and our collective skill set fresh and relevant to the ever-changing challenges DefProc are tasked with.


DefProc has some interesting benefits that you might not get at other innovation studios. We actively encourage our team to also be curious and follow their interests. This may be volunteering for a local charity, enjoying learning to create apps or building a robot dog. Whatever you are interested in, we want to provide support. We want you to have time during your working week to be able to take on these types of activities or, where possible, to create internal projects that will stretch your interests and creativity.

We also take part in a lot of cultural events and provide expenses for working away from the office or home. If you are required to stay overnight for work, these expenses will also be covered. 


We provide all our new starters with their own equipment and will always attempt to provide the set-up and specifications for each individual member of the team.

You will have access to use the 3D printer and other technical equipment (after training) to work on your personal projects when there is a quiet time between business projects.

We also offer flexible working hours. We know that sometimes you might need to go to the vet, hospital, doctors, dentist appointments or that there are things that may come up during the daytime that simply can not be done at the weekend or in the evenings. We pride ourselves on being flexible enough that you can make amendments to your time so that if you need to work earlier in the day or later in the evening that is possible for you. All we ask in return is that your work remains to a high standard and all projects are completed on time.

A diverse team makes our work better

Everyone has different experiences, references and skills – it’s what makes work fun, creative and representative of the world we live in. We welcome and actively encourage applications from people who are ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse, people of all genders identity or expression, sexual orientation and age, carers, parents, people with disabilities or people with neurodiversity – anyone whose experiences are different to ours. Without you, we can’t do our best work. When applying, let us know which pronouns you prefer and if you need any support to take part in the interview process.

My time at DefProc has been extremely rewarding and gave me opportunities to develop new skills and work on a wide range of projects. The culture is supportive, flexible and encouraging. It is a wonderful place to work”

Alex Good, Product Design Engineer

“The DefProc team has made me feel so welcome and made such a comfortable environment that has made me confident enough to tackle new issues and come through the other side proud, regardless of the outcome. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants not only interesting and exciting work, but also wants to be part of a truly caring team who will support you every step of the way.”

Ben Allen, Graduate Embedded Developer

“Our ethos for creating our team is to provide a supported environment that gives opportunities to those who want to learn and challenge themselves. As a small company we can not compete against the big salaries, but we can make a difference in other ways. We hire the person and not just their skills, we want them to be themselves, so they can feel they can personally make an impact to the business and have their say.”

Jen Fenner, Co-Founder/Managing Director

“If you’re the kind of person who’s always asking “I wonder if you could do that” then DefProc is the place for you. Every day is different, exciting, and challenging; with the freedom to be able to put a bit of your own personality into your work.

I’m given all the support and tools that I need to grow as a developer, especially working remotely during the pandemic due to being a vulnerable person. In months of remote work I’ve never felt any distance between me and the rest of the team, and I’ve felt right at home since day one.”

Dan Beech, Graduate Software Engineer