Since our foundation five years ago, we at DefProc have always tried to be at the bleeding edge of new developments, both socially and in tech, so we’re delighted to announce that we have recently moved into new accommodation in the LJMU/UoL joint venture; Sensor City.

This brand new building right next to Liverpool’s main Lime Street Station is home to some awesome people as well as some very exciting machinery, both of which we hope to be able to utilise in our ongoing quest to design, create and manufacture the most interesting, fun and useful things we can. At this point, Patrick’s major concern is just how he’s going to find the time to fit in all the playing he wants to do around the work that needs to get done!

We’re really excited about this move, for a few reasons. Firstly, it means we have our own dedicated office space with lots of room for testing, building and other far less interesting things, and which we might even manage to avoid being taken over by boxes and NERF guns. Secondly, it’s helping us to meet some very cool people that we hope to be able to collaborate with on projects in the future. And thirdly, this extra space, coupled with the work that has made it both necessary and possible, means that we’ll be able to take on new staff to do some of the stuff that we just don’t find that interesting. Job creation makes us very happy.

Oh, and of course all the exciting machinery. You can never forget about the exciting machinery.

We’ve been lucky enough to work on some very interesting and challenging projects in the recent past, from developing low cost river level sensors for the Environment Agency, building a replica Minimum Wage Machine installation for FACT, to our current work tackling social isolation as part of the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Consortium, and we’re looking forward to continuing to do so here. Other than our address, the art on the walls and the plants on the bookshelves, nothing has changed – we’re still the same company with the same ethos, work ethic and stupendous abilities, and we will keep on developing and making the kind of kit that makes lives easier.

The opening of Sensor City is yet another step on the road towards Liverpool becoming THE place to be in the UK when it comes to technology, IoT and digital manufacturing, and we are really proud to be among its first residents. We’re just looking forward to the day the blue plaque bearing our names goes up outside.